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Decorating Product of the Year
Digital Innovation Award

We know that the ever-changing face of digital plays an integral part in the world of retail and that forward-thinking businesses are using technology to enhance the shopping experience they offer.

The judges are looking for information about any digital enhancements you have made to your business. This could be anything from developing your social media presence to help build your brand and customer following, to driving a successful e-commerce business or embracing new technology and services to support your customer’s journey.

Your entry should also include evidence of what the initial aims and objectives were, what you learned along the journey and what positive impact these initiatives have had on your business and your customer.

DIY Product of the Year
Garden Care product of the year

Watering, irrigation, ferts, chems, growing, propagation and everything in between.

Garden Leisure product of the year

Decorative garden products including pots and planters, garden furniture, cooking equipment, garden games, structures including gazebos, greenhouses, bird feeders & aquatics.

Garden Tool of the Year
Hand Tool of the Year
Home & Kitchen Product of the Year
Industry Personality of the Year
Power Tool of the Year
Retailer Support and Marketing Initiative Award

The judges are looking for a supplier that has made great efforts to give their customers’ sales a boost. This could be from a package of retailer training, end-user incentives, ad campaigns, a customer helpline or support service. Additionally, you may be offering guidance and support with category management and providing innovative merchandising & point of sale material.

Security Product of the Year
Sustainability Initiative of the Year

We know that being aware of the impact our lives and businesses have on the environment is of increasing importance and that customers have greater expectations from retail operators.
The judges want to know what your business has done to reduce its carbon footprint and to support the environment, whether that’s introducing energy-efficient technologies, reducing waste, reviewing your product range, driving greater efficiencies in the supply chain, or working within the community and engaging customers to create a positive change.

Please provide details of the changes you have made, the aims and objectives you had, what targets you set and how you are measuring your performance, as well as the benefits your action has brought about.


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Business Expansion Award*

We know that retail businesses need to keep growing and evolving to flourish.

The judges want to know about any kind of improvement or development you have made to your business, whether that be in-store adaptations or new practices for the benefit of both your business and your customers.

Please provide details of the scope of the project, before and after photos and the benefits this has brought to your business.

Team of the Year*

We know the value of having a strong team behind you. You might have one person driving a business forward but they need the support of the people around them to make it a success.

The judges want to know how your team improves your customer’s experience, how they contribute towards the culture of your business and the benefit this brings to them, your customers and your bottom line.

Please give examples of how you encourage individual members of your team to actively contribute to the development of your store, how the team goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results, as well as any instances of your team getting involved in your local community.

Retailer of the Year*

We know that there is no winning formula in retail. You may have implemented numerous changes to your business over the past 12 months or you may have made very few conscious changes but continue to excel and go from strength to strength.

The judges are looking for information about what makes your business stand out and how you have adapted to changes in the market, so you could talk about things like your in-store offer, merchandising, staff training & incentives, customer service, marketing and events, interaction with your local community/charity fundraising, digital/multi-channel activities, improvements in financial performance & plans for the year ahead.

Please feel free to include anything we may have missed that you feel helps demonstrate why you should be named DIY Week’s Retailer of the Year.

* Judged by our independent panel of retail experts

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