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Benchmark – “the standard by which others are measured” and a definition by which we have operated since the company’s inception. Benchmark Retail Services Ltd is a multi-faceted service provider, our highly skilled team work closely with their stores to ensure your products, marketing messages and engagement with retail chains reflects your business and most importantly, drives your product sales.

Company Profile...

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers for the home DIY market, designing, manufacturing and distributing over 1,600 tools and accessories for the home, garage and garden. We have a strong focus on quality, value and range, with our Amtech brand designed to appeal especially to younger and less experienced users.

Bridging the generational skills gap

For several years now we have noticed a generational gap in DIY skills and know-how. This gap continues to grow, with many people under the age of 45 lacking the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle many basic DIY tasks.

This has in turn created a new type of DIY consumer – one that requires more from a brand than just great products at great prices. They want a DIY brand that connects with them and offers the kind of advice, support and service they need.

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