Amtech Rechargeable Lantern
with Power Bank


This multi-function USB rechargeable lantern with power bank from Amtech is extremely versatile. It produces a good all round light, rather than just a beam like a torch, enabling you to manage small awkward jobs such as painting in corners and darker areas, as well as plumbing jobs under sinks and baths.

It’s also great for use under the bonnet of the car for oil and
water checks, plus as it has a magnetic base, it’s easy to attach to a metal object. If using the magnetic base isn’t possible, it also has a sturdy pull out hanging hook. If you do need a torch, the Amtech lantern can provide a more focused light, which really adds to its versatility.

The lantern is supplied with charger which can be plugged into a 12V car socket. This handy device is small, compact, lightweight and omits a huge amount of light for its size and can be used for five to six hours on a single charge of its built-in 3.7V/3000mAh LiPo rechargeable battery.

This also provides a USB power bank facility to charge another device, such as mobile phone. All in all, it’s a very innovative product and you can see why it won the Lighting & Electrical
category in this year’s DIY Week Awards.

Supplier Category Judges’ Choice

Jeyes Fluid Multi-Purpose
Disinfectant Trigger Spray


Jeyes has long been associated with developing products to clean and disinfect outdoor spaces. Whilst this is an area in which it’s regarded as a specialist, Jeyes recognised that consumers are looking for products that tackle a wide range of situations and its latest innovative solutions have enabled Jeyes to bring its expertise indoors with true multi-use products. The new MultiUsage Disinfectant and BBQ & Oven Cleaner trigger sprays represent a new chapter for the brand as products that can be used around the home and in the kitchen.

And it’s not just the formulas that are new – Jeyes has launched a unique style of trigger sprays that feature both spray and foam functions for different applications. The foam function will create thick coverage of the product to adhere to dirt and grime for highly intensive cleaning – perfect for grease spots or  stubborn water stains. Meanwhile, the spray function enables the product to mist over a greater surface area to tackle larger cleaning jobs, such as cleaning the bath or greenhouse. Unlike other products on the market, which feature a flap to change the trigger between spray and foam, the head of Jeyes trigger uses a simple slide catch, thus eliminating the risk of the flap breaking off.

Our judges were so impressed with these latest innovations from such an established brand that they decided to award the product their prestigious ‘Judges’ Choice Award’ in the Supplier
category for 2020. With no mixing required Jeyes’ easy to use spray disinfectant will leave the garden clean and the home germ-free in no time, which is even more important during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Jeyes Fluid is a great product that is now available in this interesting new dispenser which certainly makes it a
worthy winner.

Home & Kitchen Product of the Year

Loctite Extreme Range of
Fix & Repair Tapes and Glues


Loctite (Henkel) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesives and sealants. They are used in high-performance applications for aeronautical, automobile, marine and general manufacturing as well as machinery maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Loctite has now taken some of that industrial technology and applied it to the development of a new Loctite Extreme Fix & Repair range of highperformance glues and tapes for DIYers to use in and around the home.

Launched in October 2019 the Extreme range comprises the following:

• A remarkable All-purpose Glue with the latest Flex-Tec patented technology from Loctite for fixing and repair of all common materials and conditions found in the home. It is also claimed to be safer and easier to use than the competition.

• An Epoxy Glue utilising an industrial method of adhesive mixing. A simple mix-in-the-nozzle applicator mixes the adhesive two parts in the correct ratio whilst enabling pin-point
application of the glue with no mess and no fuss, and quicker too!

• A high-performance Repair Tape that has a multitude of uses, so much so that Loctite suggests it can be called a ‘toolbox-on-a-roll’!

Our judges felt these remarkable game-changing products deserve to be recognised as Home & Kitchen Product of the Year in this year’s awards.

DIY Product of the Year

LC 600 Laminate Cutter


The LC 600 laminate cutter from Wolfcraft is an elegant and clever alternative to the jigsaw and mitre saw. With the LC 600 laminate cutter, DIYers have a professional and powerful device with which they can easily carry out laminate installation projects at home and on their own.

It cuts both laminate floorboards and vinyl, without electricity and without any dust or noise. The cutter works faster and more precisely than any jigsaw. The high-quality laser smooth blade not only makes cutting laminate safer, but it also produces an exact and clean-cut edge. The special blade geometry, which puts the angle between the blade and the cutting gap in a maximally efficient ratio, contributes to this.

For simple trimming at a 90° angle, the plank is simply placed in the laminate cutter. While the blade is pressed down, the plank is pressed firmly against the front stop edge and can no longer slip. Even with longitudinal cuts without a stop, the toothed cutting bars hold the workpiece securely in place. The blade is virtually wear-resistant and requires little maintenance.

With minimum effort, the LC 600 shortens laminate up to 8mm thick as well as laminate with integrated footfall sound insulation up to 11mm thick. With the large stop, precise angular cuts can be made along the 45° or 90° contact edge. Free angle and longitudinal cuts are also possible thanks to the toothed cutting bars, for this purpose the stop is simply removed.

The LC 600 impresses not only with its efficient cutting performance, but also with its excellent handling. This starts with an ergonomically shaped handle and ends with anti-slip buffers under the stable support feet. In between, high-quality aluminium profiles ensure low weight and a torsionresistant overall construction. In short: a laminate cutter that is  convincing in every detail for the ambitious DIYer.


3D Mitre Angle


This clever measuring tool from Wolfcraft makes measuring and marking on three-dimensional workpieces easier. Taking measurements and drawing accurate lines on three-dimensional workpieces can be a challenge, depending on their properties. Particularly when mitre angles are transferred, inaccuracies can often occur. Reason enough for Wolfcraft to develop a clever assistant that helps to successfully master these tasks.

The 3D mitre angle is made of high-quality plastic and is versatile with its centimetre and angle scale. With this marking tool, dimensions can be easily taken and transferred to beams, pipes and other three-dimensional workpieces.

The markings guide the user through the right-angled geometry exactly across the corner – ideal for the reliable transfer of mitre angles on two sides of a workpiece.

With the stops for 45° and 90° angles and the scale for free angles between 0° to 90°, the mitre angle offers all options.
The developers have also thought of practical additional functions. For example, the 3D mitre angle can be used reliably as a stroke measurement thanks to its hole bores.

Additionally, with the integrated drilling jig the diameter of a drill bit can also be quickly determined.

All advantages at a glance:
• Rectangular geometry for precise three-dimensional markings
• Centimetre and angle scale for measuring and drawing free angles from 0-90°
• 45° and 90° stop for fast measuring and marking
• Scale function for parallel lines
• Integrated drilling jig helps to determine the drill size

Security Product of the Year

Door eGuard
Video Doorbell DG8500


The Door eGuard Video Doorbell DG8500 from Burg-Wächter registers movements and the pressing of the bell button, so you can see who is standing in front of the house via the app on your smartphone or tablet.

The Door eGuard Video Doorbell DG8500 is also equipped with an intercom function, so you can easily talk to guests or parcel delivery drivers via the video door intercom when you are home or away. All you need is a WLAN connection and the free Tuya Smart App.

A practical feature is the radio gong included with the WLAN doorbell. This is battery operated and, thanks to the long range of up to 30 metres, can be positioned anywhere in your house and provides a choice between 16 ring tones and five volume levels.

The video door intercom camera provides a 160-degree view in HD quality and can function at dusk and in the dark thanks to the integrated infrared night vision LED. Sunlight can cause difficult lighting conditions for cameras, but to prevent this
from happening, the Door eGuard Video Doorbell is equipped with a sun shield that also serves as a rain protection for the lens.

You decide at what distance from the front door a person should be detected. You can adjust the corresponding settings via the app. This is exceptionally simple and intuitive to use and is available for iOS and Android. To save the recordings, you can insert an SD memory card up to 128GB in the Door eGuard
Video Bell DG8500.

The Door eGuard Video Doorbell DG8500 from Burg-Wächter was up against some stiff competition in this category, but the judges felt that the smart features and versatility of this product helped it to stand out from the rest and made it a clear winner.

Decorating Product of the Year

Colour Sensor


The new Dulux Colour Sensor colour matching tool is must-have for architects, designers, decorators, experienced painters and other colour professionals, the Dulux Colour Sensor device  powered by Nix and controlled via the companion app for iOS and Android) is a real-life, colour eyedropper tool that takes the guesswork out of selecting matching paint colours.

It might be a rock, leaves, a photo of a sunset, a piece of furniture, wallpaper, a piece of fabric or a type of flooring – whatever inspires you, the Dulux Colour Sensor provides an exact paint colour match.

Simple to use, you just place the Dulux Colour Sensor flat on an object and see a colour match appear in the app within seconds which provides an accurate paint match from the Dulux colour system. With the ability to easily swipe between various colour schemes (including monochromatic, harmonious, triadic, complementary and more), the app also provides the Dulux paint colour name and number for all colours scanned.

Users can also easily browse an archive of the Dulux legacy master palette and quickly find suggested matching colours in the new Dulux paint colour system. A perfect match for professionals and keen DIYers, it’s the palette in your pocket.

Scan a colour and get a Dulux colour match in seconds.

The Awards judges were impressed with device’s ease of use that provides accurate colour scanning which takes the guesswork out of paint colour selection and earning it the Decorating Product of the Year accolade for 2020.

Garden Tool of the Year
& Power Tool of the Year

 Nexxsaw Mini Chainsaw


It’s brand new to the market and we’re not aware of anything else like it. The Batavia 18V Li-Ion Cordless Nexxsaw provides a safer alternative to a petrol or corded chainsaw due to the smaller bar size. There is no cord to cut through and it  eliminates the effort of cutting with a pruning saw, bow saw or large, unwieldy loppers.

Simple and safe pruning, no pruning task is unachievable. The Nexxsaw works with an 18V Lithium-Ion battery and hence can be used anywhere. Ideal for sawing fruit trees, vines, shrubs and tall trees. The cordless chainsaw cuts through branches easily with a diameter of up to 11cm.

The Nexxsaw cordless chainsaw is designed to be used with one hand, so the user has much more freedom to move and can therefore work faster. A lot of thought went into the design regarding the total weight of the tool and the distribution of it, so the manufacturers can claim that this cordless chainsaw fits perfectly in your hand. The safety of the user is guaranteed with the integrated handgrip-cover and a low kickback chain to ensure safe operating. Due to the high chain speed of 3.7 meters per second, the cutting speed and performance of the saw is phenomenal. The machine is suited for both professionals and consumers alike.

The 18V battery-powered Batavia Nexxsaw is said to be the chainsaw of the future, with no need to bother with gasoline or the correct mixing ratios and adjustments as one does with petrol-powered two and four stroke engines. Which is why our judges named the Nexxsaw as winner in both the Garden Tool of the Year and Power Tool of the Year categories for 2020.

Garden Care Product of the Year

Cladding Oil


This year’s winner of the Garden Care Product of the Year Award offers a high level, long lasting protection and preservation against wood boring insects, wood boring fungi and blue stain for cladding.

The judges were impressed with this high performance preserver which can be used on all untreated cladding timbers (essential when using class 4 timber such as Larch). The oil-based formula deeply penetrates the wood and protects against wood discolouring fungi, wood decay fungi (wet rot) and from insect attack. It provides a clear finish and contains resins and oils for water repellency and protection against weathering. All sides and edges of the cladding should be treated before fixing with at least two coats to ensure adequate absorption into the fibres of the wood.

Main features:
• Deep penetrating oil/spirit based formula
• Protection against rot, mould, blue stain, etc.
• Excellent water repellency
• Formulation incorporating the lates EU approved actives
• Drying time: 12 hours
• Application: Brush
• Coverage: 180ml/m2
• Active ingredients: Tebuconazole, IPBC and Permethrin

Garden Leisure Product of the Year

Dekton Folding Garden Toad Stool


This year’s winner in our Garden Leisure Product of the Year category – the Dekton Folding Garden Toad Stool from Avron – is a multi-purpose, portable, compact, lightweight and easy to use folding stool.

It features a unique locking system which allows the stool to be adjusted to the desired height for placement, purpose and comfort.

It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor activities: travel, hiking, museums, shows, picnics, camping, fishing, outdoor events and much more!

The telescopic body is made from 120 segments that form together a strong and flexible base, creating the optimal balance between weight, dimensions and strength. Made from polyamide, a material known for its resistance and durability, it will resist all kinds of weather conditions and is an environmentally friendly material choice.

An interesting and innovative take on the portable stool concept that earned it the overall win in our Garden Leisure Product
of the Year category.

Marketing Initiative of the Year

Home Hardware


Home Hardware is dealer owned and is the largest voluntary organisation of its kind in the UK for independently owned hardware and DIY stores. Its mission is to supply independent retailers with quality products and services, to provide them with programmes to operate efficient and profitable stores, and assist them in serving the customer with competitive prices and superior service.

The company’s philosophy is different to some conventional distributors, whose basic objective is to maximise their own profit. It is firmly focused on the needs of our retail customers.

In essence, Home Hardware is about ‘people helping people’ – its staff helping retailers and retailers helping their customers, working together to secure their future. Home Hardware’s significant purchasing power, together with the use of efficient
systems enables it to provide its customers with excellent service and value. The company has over 400 members including independent hardware retailers, housewares shops, cook shops, ironmongers and garden centres.

Owned by the retailers it serves, Home Hardware enables its members to compete against multiple high street names and DIY superstores. By combining buying power, Home Hardware stores offer great value for money. Prices (locally and nationally) are continually checked to ensure members provide the best deals to their customers. Its team of professional buyers source products from around the globe, ensuring that its stores offer ‘up to-date’ products at excellent prices.

Home Hardware provides national distribution from its two distribution centres at Barnstaple and Bedford. Visit the Home Hardware website for more details at


Retailer of the Year


Bute Tools General Store

Digital Innovation Award

Evergreen Garden Care UK

Business Expansion Award


total tiles

Sustainability Award

Dulux Evolve Paint

Team of the Year


Choice Marketing Limited

Judges’ Choice Award

The Walsall Wheelbarrow Company

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